H.E.L.D. Alpha 2

A few years ago, a small german amateur game development group called Elitepigs started a remake of the classic C64 “HERO” game. This game was called “H.E.L.D.” (german translation of hero). Last time I contributed only the level editor while jrk coded the actual game. But unfortunately the game was never finished as the game’s sourcecode got lost, so the only remaining parts of the alpha version are a compiled binary and the graphic/sound assets.

To practice and improve my XNA skills I decided to remake the remake in XNA. With permission of the original creators, I started today with the intro video (Remember: When making a game, always start with the intro and the mainmenu!). Right now I have a rough version of the original intro video implemented as well as an extention to the XNA Content Pipeline in order to process the H.E.L.D. level files.

Intro Video:


First Gameplay:

Second Update

Only few parts missing:


One comment

  1. Nice that people still work on interesting gameplay and not only on visual effects. Keep up the good work, buddy!

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